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Aztec Mummy was a badn from Ames formed in the 1980s.

Ames, Iowa

John Benedict []

"I moved to central Ia in '85 and got involved w/ the Ames scene. At that time there was a university funded group called the Ames Alterative Music Coalition which put on local shows (this was around '88) with local bands and touring bands such as Screeching Weasel, Crimpshine, ID Under, Capitol Punishment ect. The main Ames band at the time was The Shamrock Shakes (70's style punk) then changed their name to Megafuana (grunge) then to Total Passover (pop punk ala S.Weasel). Art Student Ken Wong recieved an arts grant to make a record. He needed a bassist and recruted me. Thus, Aztec Mummy (experimental punk/funk/soul/noize) was born. The resulting 7" was entitled "The Aztec Mummy Vs The Opressiveemobrainmaggotsparinoidculturepoliceauthorityenn
rtersandtanningsolonwithbigotedbrainlaundries". Probobly due to all the crazy timing changes we went through a slew of drummers including JD Larson who played on the 7". We only did a few shows including opening for Filth at the M-shop in Ames. Ken is in Chicago playing with his band The Strange Attractor and is a regular on the tv show "chic-a-go-go" I'm currently involved in the Marshalltown and Cerdar Falls Punk Scene. I have a band "The Night Sweats" (old school punk'n'roll) and we have a cd out called "Still not normal"

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