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Solo Project of Jon Grim also known as "The Hero of Our Time" and "Jon 'the Fuck' Grim.

Cedar Falls, Iowa

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Memories, Stories and Lore
Memories, Stories and Lore: 

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  • Demos & Cassettes:
    • First Aid for Choking
      • Track:
      1. My Baby Works at the Record Store (some words by Jeremy Pineapple)
      2. Magic Date Ball
      3. Quit Dripping on the Floor
      4. Goth Banana Slurpee
      5. Fuck! My Hair's Gone
      6. Eleven
      7. Bad Kids Write Poetry Too
      8. Kids Die 'cause of Sno-Mans (originally Children Under 8 Can Choke to Death on Uninflated Balloons by The Sno-Mans)
      9. Mr. Jesus Sir
      10. S is for Stu... uh... Pendous!
      11. In Your Sleep
      • Liner Notes
        All songs by C.O.T.C.M.S. except where noted.
        Recorded at a really expensive studio (like you had to read this to know that) and it took a really long time too.
        Thanks to all of the Ragman kids.
    • The Other Day I Saw a Kid in a Bucket
      • Tracks:
      1. My Expression
      2. All Over Herself
      3. Steel Caps
      4. Literal
      5. Hello Kitty (Gorh Banana Version)
      6. Bwow, B-Bwow
      7. Things Finger Up Mess
      8. Bitchin'
      9. Acoustic Record Store
      10. All Over Her Acoustic Self
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