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The Dorks were a band from Ames, Iowa that formed during the early 1990s.

Ames, Iowa

Jesse Trent

(Shamrock Shakes and Total Passover / Exit Wound aka Trip Shop)):

"The Dorks - Andy Strom (guitars/bass/vocals), Brian Buman (bass/guitars/drums/vocals), James Stone (drums/guitars/vocals): Three-piece band that played Replacements-Beach Boys influenced punk rock started back in the fall of 1991. Recorded but never released a full length album. Broke up in the summer of 1993. Hometown: Ames. James and Brian were responsible for recording many bands in their home studio, including All the Fixin's, Funky Thermos and the All Star Soular Grapefruit Band, Box 10, Male Nurse, The Dorks, GrainUSA and Total Passover. They produced Total Passover's "Eat My Moneymaker" and recorded and produced Total Passover's "Shlomo Rising." Andy Strom later joined Eric "Smokie" Smith (drums/vocals), Dave White (guitar/vocals) and Dave Strahan to form The Fontanelles, who released two full length cassettes. Andy Strom eventually moved to Minneapolis and joined a band called The Wobblies.

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