Fat Bertha and The Loveshakers

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Fat Bertha and The Loveshakers were a band from Cedar Falls, Iowa that was formed in the 1990s.

Cedar Falls, Iowa

"fat bertha was a project which included aaron curtis, jeff eastman, john fedder and a guitarist i cant remember. this was 1991. prior to that aaron, jeff and john were in a band with the addition of clair clark and matt tandy called hanging tree. both these bands played stebbs, venues in ames, gabes oasis in iowa city, the boat house in CF and various parties including the house of kitty hell. hanging tree had one recording on the iowa compilation. several bands precluded the formation of these."
Above quote is from a post from the submission board from matt ([mailto:tanmat@unm.edu]) Abq, NM USA Dated November 1, 2003

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  • Demo Tape - 1991 Both sides recorded on 8-channel board. Artwork done by Kevin Cole
    • Side 1 recorded at UNI, 1991. Engineered by Marc Giordano. Produced by George DeVore.
      1. Hollow Ground
      2. Fly
      3. Bad Moon Rising
      4. Get Out
      5. I Got the Fire for You
    • Side 2 recorded at UNI, 1990. Engineered & produced by George DeVore.
      1. I'm Waiting (Bitch)
      2. This Ain't Reality
      3. Coming Home
      4. Fat Bertha Funk
  • Revolver / Faith? 7" Single North Cedar Records NCR 003 1994
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