Flesh and Blood aka Ritual of Agony

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Flesh and Blood and then Ritual of Agony were a staple of the Des Moines Punk and Metal scene in the late 1980s and early 1990s. 

Des Moines, Iowa

F & B went through a number of changes over the years they were together from 87 to 92 or 93. At first they had a slow St. Vitus sound with a stage show of sorts with fire crackers and signs then moved on to a speed metal sound latter on. They were a main stay of the scene in the late 80s opening for most of the nationals that came through the area in 87 and 88 including The Vandals and Agent Orange.  I believe there is 2 demos one with the 2nd line-up under the name of Flesh and Blood and then one with the 3rd and final line-up after the name change to Ritual of Agony.

Memories, Stories and Lore
Memories, Stories and Lore: 

Jim Viner [mailto:jimviner@yahoo.com] dated 08/22/03:

"I recall that Flesh and Blood (aka Bobby Tyler's Dream) traveled in a school bus with a full size refrigerator completely full of Black Label and "Prepare to Rock" painted on the side. That, my friends, is style"

  • Demos & Tapes:
    • Demo Tape - 1997 
    • Demo Tape - ?????
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