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Luxury was a power pop band from Des Moines, Iowa founded in the late 1970s.

Des Moines, Iowa

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Memories, Stories and Lore
Memories, Stories and Lore: 


Lindsyt Swan From an e-mail dated March 08, 2005 11:57 PM

"Hi! This is Lindsey Swan (Rick's wife) with GREAT news! In the near future, Luxury will have a second life on CD! The Numero Group ( has put together a 2 cd set compilation of bands around the same time and genre as Luxury(like the Tweeds, Shoes, Speedies, etc.). What is awesome is that it includes three Luxury songs (Green Hearts, One In a Million and Countdown). We just got the advance copy and it sounds terrific. Great to hear them on my CD player!! I am so excited I just wanted everyone else who enjoys Luxury to know this was coming out. "

"Oops! I forgot to tell you the name of the cd set. It is called "Numero 004 Yellow Pills:Prefill" and was compiled by Jordan Oakes. Sorry I forgot to say that in the last email. Lindsey"

Eric Colemen

(Jim? /Soldiers In A Field/Eric Coleman):

"...your Luxury stuff is pretty accurate from what I know ... Jeff Shotwell now plays in band mavens Roze(IUA Roze Page) ... and Bryn is playing in some country band ... Rick writes for gaming companies last I heard ... but that was a few years ago ... a search of the TSR website should bring his name up several times though ... "

Lindsyt Swan dated September 9th, 2003

"My name is Lindsey Swan and I am married to Rick Swan. He was designing role playing games and writing for INQUEST magazine but is now enjoying a happy and relaxing retirement. Kerry Swan (Rick's brother) is in Florida and owns an alligator farm."

  • Singles & EPs:
    • 7" Single - "Stupidest Thing"
      • "What Kind Of Question's That?"
      • Angry Young Records #AYR 1277 in 1978
  • 7" Single - "Green Hearts"
    • "One In A Million"
    • Angry Young Records #AYR 2469 in 1980
  • 12" EP on Angry Young Records #AYREP01 in1980)EP 12"
    • EP#1 » : b/w(USA [Angry Young Records #AYREP01] 1980) 
    • "Good new wave-ish powerpop. This 6-songs mini-LP contains a couple of good songs : the surf-influenced "Did She Really Meant That", "Tube Ballet" and the mod-pop tinged "Bible School"."
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