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Something Fierce was a band formed in Iowa City in the 1980s.

Iowa City, Iowa

"I saw many of the bands that you have posted info on numerous occasions through those years but there were also some bands that were more popular in the underground scene than those mentioned. Boys with Toys, the Woodies, Bent Scepters, Letters from the Circus, the Hollowmen, 4 Million, the Cause, Red Throb and my favorite was a band called Something Fierce (whose frontman was a professor in the English dept) were some of the bands that were frequently playing in Iowa City during that time. "

"It was a great time to be a music fan. I've written numerous short stories based on my experiences in Iowa City and hope to publish a novel based on that period in the not do distant future where the music is a prominent part of the story. There were lots of REM wanna bes and a lot of Black Flag wannabes, but there were a few really original bands like Total Fools from my hometown Manchester, Iowa (pop 5000) which is also where folk artist Susan Werner is from who has achieved great successes as an indie folk rocker. Bands like Total Fools and Something Fierce were the unsung heroes of the alternative music movement--and it wasn't easy being punk or alternative in Iowa. I'm glad to see that spirit still lives on! "

a quote from an e-mail from Kim - - dated November 17th, 2004

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  • Albums & LPs:
    • Gone All Wobbly (1984)
      • Side One:
        1. cOmMOn DeNOmiNatOR 
        2. MaN Of his wORd
        3. i pLedGE aLLegIaNCe
        4. sPOrtS faNS
        5. jUsT LIke mOm usEd tO MaKe
      •    Side Two:
        1. nO hOrSepLaY hERE
        2. mEdiEVaL
        3. SWAT tEaM fOr gOd
        4. bEAch BitCH 
  • i MiSS YoU soMetHinG fiErCe Completely Unglued (1986)
    • "Side of Fries":
      1. my hands are tied
      2. the man who has everything
      3. reverse psychology
      4. brave new world
      5. just temperamental
      6. great depression
    • "Side of Beef":
      1. i just decided to change my mind
      2. guilty as charged
      3. designs on you
      4. delightful pineapple recipes
      5. intentional fallacy
      6. you babe
      7. bonk
  •  Something Fierce This Way Comes (1987 - compilation of bootlegs, radio appearances, etc.)
    • "D Side":
    1. Paganomics
    2. Fashion Gimmick
    3. Amelia
    4. The Man Who Knew Too Much
    5. You Make Me Say It Somehow
    6. Beach Boys In Bondage 
    7. Goin' To A Party
    8. SWAT Team for God
    9. Kum Buy Ah!
    10. Here Comes Santa Claus
    • "C Side": 
    1. Again
    2. Sorry, Wrong Day
    3. You Babe
    4. Anywhere Near You
    5. Love Me A Symphony
    6. Ironic Twist
    7. Denim Youth
    8. Slam Dance
    9. Jumper Cables
  • Franklin Pierce (1989)
    • "Side Kick": 
    1. Brush With The Law
    2. Joined At The Hip
    3. But I Can't So I Won't
    4. Praying For Vacations
    5. Sorry Is My Middle Name
    6. Deep & Meaningful
    • "Side Swipe": 
    1. Emotional Furniture
    2. Not Your Average Joe
    3. The Nerve Of That Guy
    4. Better Sad Than Dead
    5. Chemistry Between Us
    6. Still Born Again
  •  A Sound for Sore Ears
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