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Splayed Innards was a band formed in Iowa City in 1994.

Iowa City, Iowa

"Splayed Innards was born in the dorms in late '94, started playing gigs in the fall of '95. Very short songs, no stage show whatsoever, we usually timed ourself to see how fast we could finish our set.

Put out one album, a self-titled 7" recorded at Bob's on the outskirts of IC. It initially got a lukewarm review in MRR, but several years later they listed it as one of the best 7"s of the 90's. Go figure.

They also had a post-Forrest single on one of the Feedlot Comps.

Jay made some great gig flyers, each one was unique. If I can find any that were saved, I'll post them.

Phreakshow Phil [mailto:dodifayed@juno.com] Posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - 04:52 pm

Also see - http://www.terminal-boredom.com/rewards10.html

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  • Singles & EPs:
    • ​self-titled - recorded at Bob's on the outskirts of IC
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