Jewel City Sound

We're a group of vinyl DJs spinning mainly Reggae, Soul, Ska, Northern Soul & Punk in the Jewel of the Midwest, Des Moines.  Our main DJ's are Cosmo, DO, Mojo and 20 Dicks.  We hold a monthly dance night the last Saturday of every month in the basement of the Beechwood Lounge called Moon Hop.  If you're interested in JCS performing in your club, you can contact us at

Ken Wong

Ken Wong was the founder of the Ames Alterative Music Coalition and was also in Aztec Mummy. After finishing school and moving back to Chicago, he became a fixture on the long running Chicago Public Access All Ages Dance Party show Chic-A-Go-Go! and doing music

Inside Out

Inside Out were a band from Illinois that was active in the 1960s and recorded a much sought after LP on the Davenport, Iowa Fredlo Records label.